Jessica Alba & Lindsay Lohan Nude for ‘Machete’ Roles?

Two of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, according to many male admirers, are Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan.  These two sizzle up the screen in the recent film “Machete.”  One scene shows Jessica Alba nude while another later scene has Lindsay Lohan completely naked.

In Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete,” Alba plays the role of a hot yet determined US Immigarations and Customs Enforcement agent.  She ends up working with Danny Trejo’s Machete character as well as the hot Michelle Rodriguez.  Viewers see Jessica Alba naked in a shower scene from the side, definitely a sight to see.  She also looks sexy wearing clothes too!

Later still, Machete takes revenge on his former boss by kidnapping his wife and daughter (Lohan).  The two women are drugged, taken and left completely nude at a church.  This occurs after a hot swimming pool scene which involves the wife and Lindsay Lohan naked in the water.

Don’t get your hopes up too fast though.  Apparently both actresses used body doubles.  That doesn’t make their scenes any less sexy, especially if you pretend it’s really them!   There’s also a very early unique cell phone scene featuring hot Latina Marya Leal nude as she lures Machete in.  You can see more about the hot “Machete” scenes here.

Back to Lohan and Alba’s naked truths.  Lindsay Lohan has appeared naked in “I Know Who Killed Me” while Jessica Alba is nude briefly for “The Killer Inside Me.”  They have some very sexy roles in skimpy outfits too, but “Machete” is certainly worth seeing.  Both of these actresses continue to heat up Hollywood, although Lindsay may have some trouble doing so if she’s in jail!

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