Danica Patrick & Jillian Michaels Nude for GoDaddy Commercial (Video)

GoDaddy has done it again! This time it’s a Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels nude commercial. Of course the YouTube video was just a tease of the SuperBowl commercial shown in February 2011. That ad was also a tease!Jillian Michaels, hot fitness trainer for biggest losers, is the newest GoDaddy girl and for good reason.  Jillian’s got the goods to make horny dot com geeks buy websites!  She’s partnered up with NASCAR star Danica Patrick in the latest ads for the net company.

The teaser ad talks about how these two girls are “contractually-obligated” to do this commercial.  Jillian wants no part of it, but her agent says she has to.  The two end up walking out on stage in what is believed to be both women completely naked!

However, as the full-length web video reveals at GoDaddy.com, Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels are nude but covered up.  They’re holding up the “GoDaddy.com” letters!  Danica jokes that Jillian got the “Double D’s.”  That leaves men to guess at Danica Patrick’s breast size still.  Although they appear nude behind the letters, we imagine they’re probably wearing some sort of sports bras and spandex shorts.  Still sexy, but could be much better.

While it’s always fun to use our imagination, we’d be lying if we said this commercial didn’t leave us disappointed.  We feel Mr. Hefner needs to call up Mr. Parsons of GoDaddy to get Danica and Jillian into an upcoming “Naked Girls of DotCom” issue!

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