Eva Longoria Wardrobe Malfunction on Letterman Show

An Eva Longoria wardrobe malfunction took place on the Letterman Show.  Even Dave noticed it, but then again we all did!  While it’s technically late night television, that didn’t stop the video clip from going viral.  Yes God, there is a YouTube!

Actress Eva Longoria Parker
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Eva Longoria is the sexy star of ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” and also the former wife of NBA star Tony Parker.  He messed around with another player’s wife and lost Eva.  Smart move pal!  Anyways, Miss Longoria brought her sexy self onto Dave Letterman’s late show to talk about cooking and other stuff, and just to look sexy in her outfit while she laughs and flirts.  She was getting a little too animated though and her top started to reveal some of the chest region!

Folks, Eva’s wardrobe malfunction is our gain.  The Longoria breast-busting scene steals the show, although her legs were doing a good job of that beforehand.  Letterman interviews her about boring stuff like cooking spices and ingredients.  They talk about cilantro and then okrah, which Dave mishears and thinks Eva’s talking about his buddy “Oprah.”

As they keep talking, suddenly Eva, and all the spectators get a fun surprise.  Eva’s tight and small little outfit just isn’t enough to contain the sexy latina!  She seems embarrassed but she’s a “Desperate Housewives” chick for God’s sake.  Everyone sees her in hot lingerie and the crew gets to watch her in network TV sex scenes, so she’s probably used to this stuff!

Check out the video below as Eva Longoria can’t keep them in and David Letterman gets a close up view!  Who needs Viagara, right Dave?

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