Jennifer Aniston Hot Sunbathing on Beach Photos

We recently decided to put together a nice Jennifer Aniston hot sunbathing on the beach photos gallery.  This was a fun project for us because we’re big fans of this babe, and figured it’s the next best thing to seeing Jennifer Aniston nude.  Ok maybe not next best, but you get the point!

Over the years, they’ve managed to catch some hot photos of Jennifer Aniston sunbathing on the beach.  While Jen hasn’t been topless for the pics like she was on her GQ magazine cover, she still shows off that hot bikini body!  In fact we’ve seen Jennifer Aniston thong bikini pics that are mind-blowing and other shots of her hot rear that would make Pippa Middleton sunbathing pics look tame!

By the way, Jen just turned 42 back in February.  She’s looking great for her age too as she keeps that body in top bikini-wearing shape!

Keep in mind that we may see Jennifer Aniston topless in one of her 2011 movie roles, either “Horrible Bosses” or “Wanderlust.”  We’ve read some recent reports that the topless rumors for “Bosses” are false, but “Lust” sounds like it may be quite lustful, since it involves a nudist colony!

While you’re waiting for those movies to roll out, feast your eyes on Jennifer Aniston sunbathing on the beach in her sexy bikinis via the favorite photos in our mini-gallery below!

If one thing’s for sure Jen sure knows how to fill out or fall out of her bikini well!  From top to bottom, Aniston qualifies as one of our favorite naked truth celebs, even in her early 40′s.  We have no problem featuring Jennifer Aniston naked truth bikini photos anytime, but hope that the new movies will deliver on that true nakedness.  A Jennifer Aniston nude scene or two in 2011 isn’t asking for too much is it?

“Butt” anyways, there you have it folks, several of our favorite hot selections of Jennifer Aniston sunbathing in her bikini on a boat or the beach or elsewhere!  Collect em’ all and trade em with your friends! (and keep praying to the Naked Celebs God that her nude scenes make the final cuts in those 2011 films!)

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